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Gig Spam: Seattle

Three acoustic guitar live looping shows this week:

July 14, Thursday, 8-10PM Cafe Darclee (100 4th Ave N, Suite 165)
        This is a new place for me, right at the foot of the Space Needle 
Fisher Plaza.  There's no way I can turn down a gig that close to       
Space Needle.  Now if I could just busk at a monorail station...

July 15, Friday, 6-8PM Trabant Chai House (1309 NE 45th ST)
        Back in the U District I'll be providing music for an art opening 
the kosmonaut themed Trabant.

*July 16, Saturday, 8-10PM Red & Black Cafe (2138 SE Division, Portland 
        There's no space connection for the Red & Black that I'm aware of, 
it's a great place for acoustic live music in Portland.

Look for new mp3's from last weekend's KSER performance on the website 
in the next few days.

Be seeing you,


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