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RE: Troubleshooting my EDPs and FCB....Again (factory reset guidance)

I'll give it a try. I was wondering, since my problem only occurs with
both units, what about using my MIDI splitter to go from the FCB to the
EDPs, rather than to one EDP and then MIDI out of that one to the next?
I would still use the Brother Sync of course.


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On Jul 10, 2005, at 11:57, Hartung, Kris wrote:

> Before I start troubleshooting in detail, I thought I would try 
> resetting the FCB to factory state first. However, I am confused by 
> what the manual says about this. It shows three ways to perform a 
> factory
> reset: V-AMP family products, BEHRINGER guitar amps, and  BASS V-AMP 
> product range. Is there a particular reset option I should choose?

No. Whatever reset you use you will have to empty the banks and put in
new data for the EDP. When programming your FCB banks you must be aware
of that the FCB can send multiple midi commands on every button press.
In the FCB patch programming mode you have to disable everything except
for what the EDP needs. Otherwise you will go nuts when trying to get it
right ;-)

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