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Re:RE: Troubleshooting my EDPs and FCB....Again (factory reset guidance)

>Basically, I hit record to record a loop, play a measure, hit Record to
>start playback, and then the loop stops after playing once. All of the
>LEDs - Record through NextLoop  -  on the EDPs are on, and the Switches
>and Timing LEDs are blinking a the same time at the beginning of the
>loop. It is as if the EDPs are playing the loop back internally, but not
>sending it to ouput.

So it works as if feedback=0 ?

Things to try

1) Move feedback knob during 1st playback
2) Recordmode = SAF

3) Change the EDP midi channel

How to connect stereo EDPs

The methods with splitter, or using Thru from the master to In at the slave
both seem to work ok.
...the difference is that front panel adjustment on the 2 machines is 

By connecting Master- Out to Slave-In you can use the front panel 
controls on the master
to control the slave. (useful for parameter edits)