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Re: zen and the fluent music

From: Matthias Grob <matthias@grob.org>
8< 8< 8< 8< ...
> maybe repetition is needed to reduce fear?

Thank you for an interesting post! Here is another theory: Maybe the  
public as well as many musicians hang on to A-B-A-C-A structured  
music simply because our main culture is so heavily based on  
GRATIFICATION? People tend to adore great achievements by others,  
measurable achievements. There is a tendency to value art by "how  
much work was put into it" (Oh, the Composer was working on it for  
thirty  years, jeeeze.... must be brilliant then!). Just think about  
how often people say "I'm so impressed..." instead of the simple "I  
like your music".

As we all know musicians are very sensitive to when others do not  
like or understand their work. This may trick some musicians into  
creating music in the A-B-A-C-A context, only because this will make  
their work measurable for more people. Formally structured music can  
impress more listeners; even those not paying attention are capable  
of recognizing the A-B-A-C-A patterns and gratify the musician.

But we should not forget that some people really like Repetition. But  
mostly as the complement to Variation. Even though I personally love  
non repeating music in a free flow, I do like good pop or extremely   
minimalistic music. And when it comes to Repetition with Variation I  
tend to like it better the more subtile the variations are. Listening  
to, or making, such music reminds me of the joy you get from  
performing the painting exercise of dotting three color spots, blue,  
red and yellow, equally distributed around a circle. In step two you  
try to mix new colors that match in exactly  between two neighboring  
color dots. Then you keep on like that, going into more subtile color  
schemes as the minutes pass by. Try it - it's fun!

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen
www.looproom.com (international)
www.boysen.se (Swedish)
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