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a solo looping band: pb with feedback!


Like many of you, I am now able to play my music live in solo, with the 
help of
looping gear. In order to create interisting sound I used a guitar plus 
acoustic instruments like a glockenspiel and a melodica.

My problem is when I play live (no problem with headphone at home), I've 
serious feedback when I add several layers of acoustic instruments!

I am working with a boomerang (v1.0) wich is placed  at the aux send of a 
beringer. My guitar is connected to this beringer throuh a Pod (line 6) 
and I
record acoustic instruments (my voice too) with a sm57 microphone also
connected to the mix table..

Has anyone any idea how I can improve all this?

the best will probably be to have several loopers but then I will have 
problem with synchronising all together

I don't know if we can nowadays looping with our foot in real time with a

thank you


hear what I am doing?