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RE: Recording Loop Problem/DOD D-12 (lexicon mpx100?)

Title: RE: Recording Loop Problem/DOD D-12 (lexicon mpx100?)

>>i usually record a mono signal through my processing
and then to the DOD D-12, then the signal goes to my
Lexicon MPX100 and from there i output a stereo signal
to my digital recorder.... after a minute or two, the signal
stops being a stereo signal and reverts to mono signal...<<

scott- the d12 has a mix output & a delay-only output, doesn't it? isn't the d12 a mono device anyway? I haven't used mine for a while & it's 200 miles away... :-)

but it sounds to me more like there's an issue with the mpx100 or the cabling from it to y'r recorder. you aren't, by chance, using a stereo jack that's getting shorted out inside it's cover? I don't know the lex at all...



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