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Recording Loop Problem/DOD D-12 (lexicon mpx100?)

i'm having a problem lately w/ recording some
of my loop experiments w/ my DOD D-12.

i usually record a mono signal through my processing
and then to the DOD D-12, then the signal goes to my
Lexicon MPX100 and from there i output a stereo signal
to my digital recorder.

what has been happening is that in some of my long
loop recordings (10-12 min) i'm using the 4 banks of 6
sec samples, i've
been noticing that after a minute or two, the signal
stops being a stereo signal and reverts to mono signal

to each side and what happens is the stuff i've been
playing over the samples, never gets recorded. 
has this happened to anyone else who uses a DOD D-12?
i'm trying to figure out if its my cables (i've been
changing them around) or if its the D-12 or the Lex
Mpx100. i may have to break down my system & add one
element at a time to see where i'm getting the
just curious if anyone had a solution.

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