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Re: 10 new pieces posted

I'm listening to these track too and I'm enjoying them.
I think that will be more hearings to captured all the ideas you put in it.
I'm curious about the movie.
Great job, Per.
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Sent: Friday, July 22, 2005 6:28 PM
Subject: Re: 10 new pieces posted


I am listening to these tracks right now. I think you've outdone yourself
Per. These are even better than the "Oganizational Culture Loops" that
you put out last year . . . and THAT disk was absolutely terrific. This
one are even better!!! I hope you will release it as an audio CD as well.

Best regards,

tEd kiLLiAn


In a message dated 7/20/05 4:08:59 AM, per@boysen.se writes:

Dear Fellow Loopers,

If anyone is interested I posted ten songs at http://www.looproom.com/flg/

These are mono compatible stereo mixes. I have also mixed all pieces 
for 5.1 surround system (minus center front speaker), but that's a 
bit complicated to put on the web ;-)  The surround mixes will go on 
a DVD-v in november together with movie artworks by Samuel Poromaa.

Greetings from Sweden


"Different is not always better, but better is always different"


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