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It's not Purple, it's Blue!

I happily received my Digitech Jamman yesterday from AMS. It comes nicely presented in a hefty box with included power supply & 128 MB CompactFlash card. The unit is hefty, too. Similar, in a sense, to the boss Loop Station. I did a quick & dirty hookup to my Fender Cyber-Deluxe amp through the effects loop. This is definitely not the ideal configuration but I just wanted to give it a run-through. Ultimately, I'd hook the output of the Jamman to one of my mixer inputs and listen via monitors.
I have to say the operation of the pedal is easily understood, albeit the pedal has less functionality than an EDP. For some reason, the Jamman was pre-loaded with some rock-oriented drums & bass patterns in several loops. I proceeded to delete those asap. I haven't experimented yet with the Autorecord function but used the pedal's normal Record function. Unfortunately, I was wearing flip-flops at the time so I kept screwing up my initial loop timing. Lesson learned. But, the operation of using the onboard pedals seemed to me to be very suitable.
I didn't spend a whole lot of time tweaking tone or levels but the overall sound characteristic seemed just a little muddy to me. Again, I probably need to get my configuration up to speed before I pass judgement.
I guess I'm going to pop for the three-button switch to control loop-up & loop down as I don't want to be twisting knobs on the floor. I have an older Digitech three-button switch. Wonder if it will work?
For the money ($299), this strikes me as an awesome pedal. Up to 99 loops is very nice. The larger CompactFlash cards offer tons of recording time. The included USB port is a really nice freeby. Unfortunate, the pedal doesn't have MIDI sync nor any feedback control nor a fade out feature. But, for 3 bills...I like the reference to the original Jamman pedal but it occurred to me that the new Jamman doesn't function as a Delay device.
The proof is in the pudding, though. The pedal inspired me toplay for over an hour and I did some pretty nice things and had some fun even with a half-assed quick setup. I think I'm goint to have with this pedal.
Regards, Paul

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