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Re: It's not Purple, it's Blue!

Interesting to note that they are using the JamMan phrase through a 
license with
Lexicon.  Apparently they're not worrying about their reputation being 

I read in some product note that this unit DOES do fading/degrading loops.



  mark sottilaro <marksottilaro@sbcglobal.net> wrote:They may as well
> have called it a Loopopadopolar
> rather than a "JamMan." for all it resembles the
> original design and intent of the JamMan. No feedback
> control takes a looper off my list of things to get
> and as a big fan of the original JamMan, I consider it
> false advertising to name something as different as
> this new box is to the classic looper.
> Doesn't matter that color it is, but if it won't sync
> to a MIDI clock or give me some sort of feedback
> control, it isn't a JamMan.
> Mark