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Re: Drum-machine song construction tips?

On Jul 26, 2005, at 11:01, ml@dadaprod.org wrote:
>> When Gabriel played here in Sweden it looked like they were running
>> Logic on those lappies.
> How do you succeed to synchronise with the computer. As far as I  
> understood, the
> EDP can synchrinise with a midi signal.. I am using the original  
> version of the
> boomerang, I haven't found any solution? except not using a  
> computer, or times
> to times sampling the audio output of a drum machine (or cd player)  
> in ordr to
> add different digital signal to my loops.. then everything is in  
> mono, which is
> not gorgious, but it's the only way i found..
> Can someone confirm me that the EDP is not more commercialised?  
> (that's what
> I've been told in a music gear shop in Paris..)

MIDI Clock is a good way to syncronize looping devices. "Playing in  
time" is a good way to syncronize human musicians. The EDP also has  
Brother Sync that  I have found very smart for syncing two or more  
EDP's. A brother synced EDP can still send out MIDI Clock to have  
other devices sync to it locally. Like if you play an EDP synced to  
other musicians EDP's you may keep a drum machine or laptop that  
follows your EDP. If you double the tempo of your EDP - in relation  
the brother sync system - your local stuff will follow into the  
double tempo.

I don't know if Gabriels band were using some kind of external sync.  
Maybe they only used the lappies as sound modules? Peter also used  
his for displaying in phonetics how to pronounce certain lines in  
Swedish that he amused us with between songs ;-)  ( horrible accent  
BTW!!! ;-)

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen
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www.boysen.se (Swedish)
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