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Re: Echoplex-style functionality on a Pc?

 > Has anyone on this list using Mobius for live performance?

I'm aware of two brave people that use Mobius live occasionally, they
can tell their own stories if they wish.

But in all honesty, I see Mobius as more of a studio wanking tool than
a live performance tool at this moment.  The beta testers have been
very helpful and supportive but like all complicated immature
software it has bugs.  It is picky about VST hosts, and depending on
how you loop it can be a CPU hog and won't play well with other
CPU intensive plugins.

If you stick to the basic functions it is reasonably stable.  Just
don't try anything live without first practicing it in the studio
and have a backup strategy ready if you need to reboot.

 > What kind of foot rank could be used with?

Almost everyone uses the FCB1010.