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Re: Chris Squire - the Fish

(First post to the list - hi folks)

I've always assumed that both of those Yes tracks were done with 
multitrack tape loops. The clearest evidence is the repeated phrase 
"tell the moondog, tell the march hare" on We Have Heaven. The vocal 
harmonies actually change along with the chord changes - I haven't tried 
to figure this out too closely, but it seems to me there are three 
seperate tracks here, two of which are faded up at any given time.

It's not a technique I've heard elsewhere, of course that's not to say 
it hasn't happened.

I aspire to be able, during jams, to records loops to go along with 
chord changes that haven't happened yet. . .

. . . AND do it well.

Nick Brown

goddard.duncan@mtvne.com wrote:

> do you know if chris squire used loops to make the studio version? 
> it's not obvious how the live version is achieved either...
> you might want to give "olias of sunhillow" a spin too; same era, jon 
> anderson solo album, though there were suggestions at the time that a 
> certain greek keyboardist may have already been helping out, prior to 
> his auditioning for the wakeman vacancy (which went to moraz 
> eventually), & his later collaborations with anderson.
> there are a few tracks on this album, "we have heaven" most notably, 
> that appear to feature looping.
> I also found a picture on a 10CC-related site (probably the one 
> dedicated to strawberry studios in stockport) that showed eric 
> stewart's collection of vocal loops for "I'm not in love". I'm 
> supposing that cutting 2" multitrack tape into short loops was 
> something that occurred to quite a few people at some time.
> duncan. 
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