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Rick Walker's drum sample collection available

Mark Sottilaro wrote about finding a traditional drum sounds for his 
sampler/drum machine
and I wanted to let people know that I have assembled a very large and 
really well organized
DVD of electronic drum sounds, sounds from the history of drum machines, 
creative sounds,
industrial sounds.   I spent hours and hours combing the web,  lurking at 
now defunct drum machine sites,
individual musician sample collections and have organized the collection 
into Electronic drums,  Acoustic drums,
Industrial drums and then individually into timbre and funtion related sub 
categories (for example,  the Analogue Hats and
Cymbals folder is further divided into Clicks, Crashes, HiHats, Metalbeat 
Sounds, Miscellany, Noiseblasts, Synthetic Percussion and Synthetic Rides.

Also, in this DVD collection,  I have enough pads, basses, guitars, 
keyboards and Acoustic Percussion to make a program
like Fruity Loops or Battery very musical, indeed.

Anyway,  I sell this private collection (which also has the sounds I 
from my very large collection of 20 pre-digital drum machines) for $25 (p 
h)  if anyone is interested.     It literally has taken me hundreds of 
to assemble it so I think you'll be pleased if pick up a copy.

You can send a personal check made out to
Rick Walker


412 Darwin
Santa Cruz, California

If you are out of the US,  you can pay me through my paypal account.  
me if you'd like it.