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Re: Modern Soundscaping: Fripp.

If you use a volume pedal and a delay and loop what you create with that
then the chances are that someone will approach you after a show and talk 
you about Fripp. At which point you can tell him, "Yes, I've heard of 
But from what I understand he's very different from me.  He uses his left
foot on the volume pedal, whereas I -- and I'm sure you noticed this
tonight -- I use my RIGHT foot on the volume pedal."

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> Michael Pregeant wrote:
> > Well what do you guys say to the following equipment list I have come
> > up with?
> > [Rackmount Equipment]
> > 2-Eventide H8000 Ultra-Harmonizer
> > 1-TC Electronic G-Force
> > 4-TC Electronic D-Two Multi-Tap Delay
> > 2-Rocktron Voodu On-line tube guitar Preamps
> > [Foot Pedals]
> > 1-Roland GR-20 Guitar Synthisizer
> > 1-Roland GR-33 Guitar Synth
> 2 things:
> a) you will not sound anything like robert fripp with that setup.
> b) that's a lot of money. perhaps you should listen to what 80s new
> wave Fripp said about "small, mobile, and intelligent" before following
> cranky old Fripp into the
> hitherto-unoccupied-by-those-who-were-not-Berlin-School area of ambient
> gear bloat.
> i mean, i guess i did have to learn how to sound like "God save the
> queen" before i could sound like "That which passes". with a keyboard.
> hopefully i'll have my own sound. until then the Fripp pastiches
> continue:
> http://www.suitandtieguy.com/sounds/stg_acceptance_early.mp3
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> Eric Williamson
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