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RE: Digitech Jamman - ready to mod !

Title: RE: Digitech Jamman - ready to mod !

> If anybody else nabs one of these pedals and wants to help me figure
> out a way
> to tap the click output at its volume control or elsewhere, let me/us
> know.

from what i know about the DD-20 that click knob is probably a pot
controlling a voltage which is converted by a 4-bit utility ADC into a
digital control of some kind which controls the level of the click at
the DSP level.

it's also SMT, which i hear is totally way more fun to work on than
vacuum tube electronics.<<

might not be the end of the world though- has it got a tempo led? that would make a nice click through a separate amp. it might be possible to fit a 4558 op-amp (surface mount or no) into the unit to buffer it, but it may equally be possible to just attach a resistor & capacitor between the led's non-ground side & a mini-jack socket & pull a nice click out of it that way. ymmv....



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