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Re: Digitech Jamman - ready to mod !

Well....I already ordered it, thankyou...but thanks for the feedback...
I wanted a very simple, small, gigging solution that included the footpedal
and that would also let me save phrases...though it looks like the new
JamMan will not let you save an overdub as a separate phrase -everything
must always be overdubbed- I didn't know that before I ordered it- but
I think it'll still be a creative tool...and you can't enter a tempo numerically....
and....lot's of things.... it ain't no Repeater...  but if I want a more complex
setup, I can use Ableton Live on a laptop with a footcontroller...
That said...who knows, I may get lucky and it might be a regular volume
potentiometer...  that DD-20 is a Boss product...I'll let y'all know when
I get it and spill its guts...

> from what i know about the DD-20 that click knob is probably a pot
> controlling a voltage...
> i'd probably find a different looping solution if it's a problem if i were you.
> Eric Williamson
> www.suitandtieguy.com

> On Jul 27, 2005, at 4:06 PM, gary@friendlyspider.com wrote:
>> If anybody else nabs one of these pedals and wants to help me figure
>> out a way  to tap the click output at its volume control or elsewhere, let me/us know.