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Re: Ableton Live midi clock slave of Augustus Loop

> You are talking about "setting the loop point". I understand this  
> as defining the length of the loop being captured in Augustus Loop.  
> This is not possible to do just like that, on-the-fly. You have do  
> do it by choosing a certain combination of "Beat" and "Beat Divisor".

there are other options:
- just set the loop length in seconds directly
- use 'tap length' rather than 'tap record'
- use the various punch-in/out options if you want your loop to be  
constrained in some way.

> You can map foot pedals that as well. But unfortunately you will  
> get a loud noise (tape inertia simulation) when making such changes  
> when there is audio in the loop.

<sales pitch>
not from the next version, currently in development. I'll probably do  
a public beta of that in a few weeks.
</sales pitch>