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Re: Ableton Live midi clock slave of Augustus Loop

>> How do you get AL to capture and loop only a certain portion of  
>> incoming audio? I can't seem to get AL to stop constantly  
>> capturing and looping every sound it receives.

> On Jul 29, 2005, at 9:42, Os wrote:
> you may want to try using the input level control (the knob to the  
> right of the two level meters), which controls the level of the  
> signal fed into the loop. so, put it to zero when you don't want to  
> record.
> I've thought of adding a feature so this level is automatically  
> switched between zero/one when you start and stop the loop, but I  
> figure that you can automate it with MIDI so maybe I don't need to  
> do that in the plug-in.

Here's something I've been missing, or maybe it is a feature request?

When I build music in AL by layering audio I tend to use the Freeze  
Loop button. Now, the problematic side is when working with long  
loops in this way, because after have un-freezed and played a note  
into the loop you have to wait for the next loop round to start  
before you can Freeze again. If you don't do that, if you freeze  
again too early, the added audio will not be part of the loop.

The way I would  prefer it is that any opening of the freezed loop,  
might it be only for a 64th note, should result in audio layered into  
the loop. (If you could implement it that way AG would gain a boat- 
load of loopers delight!)

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