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Re: Fake spring reverb pedals

i gotta pipe in if only because i'm a reverb guy from wayback!
i own alotta quality stand alone reverbs, partial list:
Soldano SurfBox
Soldano Space Box
TubeWorks Real tube Reverb
Furman Sound RV-1
Lexicon Reflex
Lexicon PCM-60 Reverberation system
Lexicon LXP-15 II
Peavey Valvverb
EH HolyGrail
Boss RV-3
and just for a general observation
NO piddlee pedal will ever sound like a real quality 'verb...course-nothing
sounds like the reverberation present in a great room
and for me, once you are used to a certain lusciousness-ya caint go back...
"Fake spring reverb pedals" just sounds so wrong...
but...hey thats me :-)

> Well this does not really fit the bill, but if you want an awesome
> stand alone spring reverb....
> http://www.juleamps.com/the_amps/reverb.html