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RE: Fake spring reverb pedals

Jesus Christo Stan! you got a lot of them thingys, ever turned them all on
at once? talk about a Dick Dale wet dream! Here's you new band name...
The 'Verbs
 There is an actual floor pedal spring reverb made by Song works called the
Little Lelani, but it has gotten mixed (mostly good) reviews on Harmony
Central and it ain't exactly little, put it is an honest to god spring
reverb.  Can't say I have tried the thing but the possibility of creating
explosion sounds by kicking it sounds intriguing. Me I like tube driven
spring reverb and high quality digital reverb. If lexicon put a killer 
chip in a pedal, they would get my attention.

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i gotta pipe in if only because i'm a reverb guy from wayback!
i own alotta quality stand alone reverbs, partial list:
Soldano SurfBox
Soldano Space Box
TubeWorks Real tube Reverb
Furman Sound RV-1
Lexicon Reflex
Lexicon PCM-60 Reverberation system
Lexicon LXP-15 II
Peavey Valvverb
EH HolyGrail
Boss RV-3
and just for a general observation
NO piddlee pedal will ever sound like a real quality 'verb...course-nothing
sounds like the reverberation present in a great room
and for me, once you are used to a certain lusciousness-ya caint go back...
"Fake spring reverb pedals" just sounds so wrong...
but...hey thats me :-)

> Well this does not really fit the bill, but if you want an awesome
> stand alone spring reverb....
> http://www.juleamps.com/the_amps/reverb.html