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Re: Fake spring reverb pedals

hey Bill- guess i missunderstood the q...looking for a (((BOINGG)))
machine...my badd...
i had one of those <LillteLanelei> verbs-guess what? we ran it over w/ a
car(on purpose:-)-it looked real cool all flattened out...

> Jesus Christo Stan! you got a lot of them thingys, ever turned them all 
> at once? talk about a Dick Dale wet dream! Here's you new band name...
> The 'Verbs
> There is an actual floor pedal spring reverb made by Song works called 
> Little Lelani, but it has gotten mixed (mostly good) reviews on Harmony
> Central and it ain't exactly little, put it is an honest to god spring
> reverb.  Can't say I have tried the thing but the possibility of creating
> explosion sounds by kicking it sounds intriguing. Me I like tube driven
> spring reverb and high quality digital reverb. If lexicon put a killer 
> chip in a pedal, they would get my attention.
> Bill
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> Subject: Re: Fake spring reverb pedals
> i gotta pipe in if only because i'm a reverb guy from wayback!
> i own alotta quality stand alone reverbs, partial list:
> Soldano SurfBox
> Soldano Space Box
> TubeWorks Real tube Reverb
> Furman Sound RV-1
> Lexicon Reflex
> Lexicon PCM-60 Reverberation system
> Lexicon LXP-15 II
> Peavey Valvverb
> EH HolyGrail
> Boss RV-3
> and just for a general observation
> NO piddlee pedal will ever sound like a real quality 
> sounds like the reverberation present in a great room
> and for me, once you are used to a certain lusciousness-ya caint go 
> "Fake spring reverb pedals" just sounds so wrong...
> but...hey thats me :-)
> staninsanfran
>> Well this does not really fit the bill, but if you want an awesome
>> stand alone spring reverb....
>> http://www.juleamps.com/the_amps/reverb.html