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Re: AW: kp2 anyone?

Rainer is correct, as usual... but forgets to mention
the fragile nature of the KP1.  Mine died an early
death and it more or less sat in a nice smoke free
studio with light use.  A quick search of newsgroups
and you'll see that this was a common problem with the
KP1.  Save your pennies and get the KP2, you'll be
happier, I think.  Also, if you lean on them a little,
Guitar Center employees will give it to you for $249.


--- Rainer Thelonius Balthasar Straschill
<rs@moinlabs.de> wrote:

> I have both the KP1 and the KP2.
> Advantages of the KP2:
>       * much better sound quality
>       * lots of effects that can be MIDI-synced
>       * two slots for short sample loops that can be used
> independently of the effects
>       * Some synth patches
> Advantages of the KP1:
>       * early digital sound aesthetics
> I'd say for most applications the KP2 should be
> preferred over the KP1.
> If you're looking for some very characteristic
> sound, then the way to go
> is the KP1: while the KP2 is just a cheap effector
> with a touchpad, the
> KP1 has a very unique sound to it - I dearly love
> the filter sound
> (check out the tune "Hegel's Dilemma" on
> eblah.iuma.com, where I use
> both this filter as well as scratching a sample).
> Another example of
> using the sample-scratching feature (which both KPs
> offer) is to be
> found on the "Dem Andenken eines Engels: Epliogue"
> track on
> moinlabs.zed.cbc.ca. I actually played the KP1 with
> my toes on this one.
> Both KPs also send MIDI CCs you can use e.g. to
> control a Theremin synth
> patch or something.
> There had been someone on this group who used a
> setup including four
> KP1.
> Summary: the cool thing about the KP is the
> interface. It mostly
> addresses keyboard players and DJs, as with these
> instruments it's
> relatively easy to get a hand free. People in the
> audience usually think
> the KP is really cool.
>       Rainer
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> Betreff: kp2 anyone?
> Anyone using a kaoss pad 1 or 2? I just borrowed a
> v1 and it's cool but
> a 
> bit on the noisy side - great interface tho.
> Gareth