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AW: kp2 anyone?

I have both the KP1 and the KP2.

Advantages of the KP2:
        * much better sound quality
        * lots of effects that can be MIDI-synced
        * two slots for short sample loops that can be used
independently of the effects
        * Some synth patches

Advantages of the KP1:
        * early digital sound aesthetics

I'd say for most applications the KP2 should be preferred over the KP1.
If you're looking for some very characteristic sound, then the way to go
is the KP1: while the KP2 is just a cheap effector with a touchpad, the
KP1 has a very unique sound to it - I dearly love the filter sound
(check out the tune "Hegel's Dilemma" on eblah.iuma.com, where I use
both this filter as well as scratching a sample). Another example of
using the sample-scratching feature (which both KPs offer) is to be
found on the "Dem Andenken eines Engels: Epliogue" track on
moinlabs.zed.cbc.ca. I actually played the KP1 with my toes on this one.

Both KPs also send MIDI CCs you can use e.g. to control a Theremin synth
patch or something.

There had been someone on this group who used a setup including four

Summary: the cool thing about the KP is the interface. It mostly
addresses keyboard players and DJs, as with these instruments it's
relatively easy to get a hand free. People in the audience usually think
the KP is really cool.


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Betreff: kp2 anyone?

Anyone using a kaoss pad 1 or 2? I just borrowed a v1 and it's cool but
bit on the noisy side - great interface tho.