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Re: Re: EDP problem / new Midi controllers?

The EDP is pretty old technology, by tech standards, but out of all the "missing" features (true stereo, USB updates, ability to quickly save and recall loops) the only one I really "miss" is MIDI learn.  MIDI control for guitarists plummeted in popularity in the the post-grunge years, so the number of "advanced" MIDI controllers shrank, and we're left with large, generally expensive options.  Had the EDP been able to associate any MIDI command with any EDP function, in the manner of all laptop-based solutions these days (or the LP-1), there'd be a lot of smaller, cheaper MIDI control options.

Of course, there are good reasons not to implement the "standard" MIDI control protocol willy-nilly, and Kim has explained why it works the way it does, but still...I wish I could use my old, small, lightweight ADA MIDI controller instead of the FCB.


On Fri, Mar 6, 2009 at 12:35 AM, Andreas Willers <a.willers@arcor.de> wrote:

I wish there was a compact, reliable, lightweight Midi solution for this. No clumsy Behringer stuff for me, please! I use a combination of the analog footcontroller and a Kenton Spin Doctor (velcroed on top of the EDP) for Midi # control of Halfspeed etc. Any new controllers on the market? I am fascinated by that bring-a-Mini-Mac-and-controll-it-with-your-IPhone thing!