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RE: Least Costly Looping Solution

> Remember,  things like all the freeware software loopers than abound 
> don't really count, because you have to have a decent laptop and a 
> breakout box to use them for free.

Well, as we've discussed here before, there's a good chance they already
have a laptop, especially if they're in their twenties and went through
college, so I wouldn't completely discount this as an option.  

Of course it all depends on how comfortable they are with computers
and how disciplined they are about maintaining them, it's certainly not for
everyone.  But I'll wager that most of the people that download Mobius
are "on a budget" and want to explore before buying anything.

For this path, it would come down to the cheapest reliable 2 channel
audio interface, cheapest USB MIDI interface, and cheap options for a
MIDI or USB foot control.

I don't have any concrete suggestions right now, but it should be in
the $300 range.