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re: ProTools and Bootcamp


simply put, im trying to run PT 7.4 on a macbook pro under bootcamp XP SP3-
getting an error message about data underflowed during record/playback......... the only straight answer i can get is that PT is simply not supported under bootcamp... but it works for many people, just trying to figure out why not for me -

well, the reason that it's "not supported" is simply because it hasn't been tested. of course this doesn't mean that it _won't_ work, but you're not going to get anyone at digi to help you get that configuration running. i know that that you _can_ run PT on bootcamp disks, but there's probably something specific to your config.

i'd need to know more about the specific error that you're seeing before i could really make any suggestions, but it sounds like there's some kind of issue getting the data of the disk fast enough. without knowing anything about your system, the first thing i would try is reducing your track count until it works. it's almost definitely a disk speed issue.

- tyler / battery cage