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OT Variable Power Supplies for Stomp Box Pedals

I was researching power supplies for my old
DOD Meat Box and DOD Buzz Box distortion pedals
tonight,   trying to see what is available and if I could buy things
cheaper than standard name brand adaptors.

Online, I was discovering that electronic supply places have pedals
much cheaper than , say,  the proverbial BOSS PSA 120 power adaptors
which are up to over $30 USD when shipping  is included.
The DOD adaptor for the Buzz Box as an example is $18 from DOD
and $10.25 from the first electronic supply place that I went to through 

In the process,  I called up Bob Amstadt (my favorite electricity and 
electronics guru
and spiritual advisor)  to ask him  about what adaptors will work and 
which ones
won't (this might be a cool additional thread topic , actually, for 
newbies to the stompbox world
 such as myself).

Anyway,  I told him that I keep a bunch of old used 9 volt batteries (in 
short lengths of time before their battery death) and that , sometimes,  
when I
am tracking something into my computer,  I'll switch out 4 or 5 of them 
on the
offchance that the particular stomp box pedal that I'm working with will
freakout as the voltage drops precipitously.

He then hipped me to the fact that there are companies that make 
variable power supplies
(specialty hospital equipment, apparently, have the need these things 
for various equipment).

Brand new they are pretty pricey ($190 US)  but he told me that
you can pick up old 60's ones inexpensively sometimes at
electronics surplus stores,  so we have a date, soon,  to go see if we 
can find one
cheaply some day.

I thought that would be such a very hip thing to have.

Has anyone experimented with this?

I know that I record everything if the footpedal is really starting to 
do weird things,
because you may have some random strange noises made and the unit will 
make the same noise again (and it's pretty difficult to reproduce the 
results with another battery).

My Casio SK-1  miniature keyboard/sampler just does lovey weirdness when 
it's batteries go low.
I use the keyboards loop capability to create some really nice random 
'weird' loops this way,
so,  see?    This thread actually is relevant to live loopers so I can 
post it with a modicum of guilt.

Rick Walker