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Re: FL Studio Producer Edition has been purchased!

On 7/1/12 5:21 AM, kay'lon rushing wrote:

Finaly got around to upgrading FL Studio. My wallet hurts right now :-S I hope this was worth doing. I hope I will have the discipline to continue live looping now that i have performance/clip launching mode to use for non-looping performances. Whish me luck!

The new FL Studio is nothing short of amazing to me.
It is so deep and yet so intuitive to use.

You are going to love it, I predict.    I'd wish you luck,  but you are very creative, kay'lon so
I honestly don't think you need luck.     As Richard says,   'follow the muse'.

(the muses came from Greek mythology and were female creatures who 'brought' mankind inspiration)

Ever have those times where something really cool just seems to 'come through you'?

People refer metaphorically to be visited by the muses.

In modern times, it's just a synonym for the word creativity.

Richard is say,  when the fires of creativity are with you,  it's a great thing to just follow your inspiration
and 'strike, while the iron is hot'  (lol, another antiquated metaphor).

good luck,   Rick