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Re: Mobius behavior

That's definitely not default behavior.  Tracks are normally independent,
how are you switching tracks with MIDI?  Are you doing any complex track
in the host or is everything coming in and going out through one Mobius


On 7/5/12 11:02 PM, "Kevin Cheli-Colando" <billowhead@gmail.com> wrote:

>Thank you all.  One last thing, just to clarify my terminology.  There
>are 4 tracks and 8 loops present in the default set up, yes?  I ask
>because when I switch from track 1 to 2 the audio of track 1 goes
>silent and I can only hear track 2.  When I go back to track 1, the
>audio comes back but it then erases itself after one pass (and track 2
>is muted).  Is this also a default setting that can be changed or
>something else?
>Almost there I think.