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RE: It's a L'il Looper!

Thanks Andy!

For the price I think this might be a worthy investment.


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Hi Mike,
yep, you're reading correct.

Re: Vox Li'l Looper

It's *very likely* that loop 2 can be a multiple in length of loop 1.
(or vice versa).

It's *highly unlikely* that you can change the length of an existing loop.

The L'il Looper is clearly based on the VDL-1 which I know well, and by 
looking at the pics of the pedal I reckon I can deduce fairly accurately 
how it will behave.

Once the manual gets on line we'll hopefully have definite answers.


mike@michaelplishka.com wrote:
> So am I reading this correct? Does this do a sort of multiply then? 
> Thanks,
> Mike