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Do you think these controllers can be enough for livelooping with ableton?


As some of you know, I plan to do livelooping with a combination of Octatrack and Ableton.
For Ableton I have a launchpad which I bought used before I knew about the APC40. And a friend of me gave me for few money a Faderfox LV2.

Now I wonder if I should try to get the APC40 and eventually sell the rest, or if I should rather try to complement the launchpad/LV2 with other things.
I am 90% sure to buy an akai mpk25 because I need a midi keyboard, both for ableton synths and for my waldorf blofeld.
And the mpk has got knobs and velocity sensitive pads, so together with the launchpad/LV2 it should cover most of what the APC does, right?

I do not play guitar so my hands are free, this is why I did not think about a foot controller yet, but part of my setup will be percussions, and later a theremin, and I am already trying to figure out how can I organize all these things close enough to the controllers and to the OT, so to be able to press the button to start recording a loop and then immediately start playing the instrument without having to jump 5 meters like a kung fu monk.
So I was trying to understand if it was better to buy a foot controller like the beringer for example, or the yamaha (I find it for very cheap. Were the latency problems solved finally? I have read some negative comments of Andy about that), and place it near to the theremin and to the percussions, or if I should buy a couple of individual midi footswitch one near the theremin and one near to the percussions.
My audio interface has got midi in and midi out.
I prefer to start thinking about it now. And you are the most expert live loopers so, nobody can tell me that better than you.