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Re: Fripp news

whoa, good going david!

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> These days, it's virtually impossible to make money from recordings 
> unless you can get 'em licensed for movies or TV or commercials.
> I have made about $3500 (gross) this year selling CDs at gigs, and 
> another $500 or so from download sales via CDBaby, iTunes, and 
> festivalink.net - and I think that's pretty good. I don't have ready 
> access to the amount of money I've made from performances, but I think 
> its int he neighborhood of $30,000 so far this year.
> The old model of touring to support album sales, with the retail sales 
> happening in stores instead of at the gig, are long gone. Nowadays, the 
> artist sells the CD at the gig. The CD is one of many items sold at the 
> merch table, and I think a lot of artists make more on t-shirts and 
> posters and beer cozies than they do on the CDs.