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Re: Octotrack... and similar stuff

I have a Tempest. It's an amazing machine, but a lot of people (myself 
included) are experiencing MIDI sync problems. According to DSI, those 
problems will be addressed, but I need my gear to sync--so I'm back to the 
old Roland x0x gear--which I am having quite a bit of fun with.

Also the Tempest does weird stuff at very inopportune times, so I wouldn't 
consider it a solid performance-ready bit of kit. Gearslutz has a long 
thread discussing the Tempest, and DSI has an entire forum devoted to it. 
I'll be selling mine to fund an 808. Not as nearly as versatile, but 808s 
are easy, fun and solid as a rock.

If the problems with the Tempest are ever ironed out, I may consider 
getting one again. But I'm tired of waiting.


On Sep 10, 2012, at 6:56 AM, Rainer Thelonius Balthasar Straschill wrote:

> Am 09.09.2012 23:19, schrieb mark francombe:
>> I have been intrigued by the Octotrack since it came out, and been 
>> listening with interest to Anders things, Im basically waiting around 
>> for the Evoloop, but now put a few things up for sale, so had a real 
>> good look at the machine again.
> With that phrasing you used above, and as most of your application would 
> be drum-machine oriented, just out of curiosity:
> Has anyone here experience with the Maschine (NI, kinda-MPC-thingie?) 
> Or, for a pure drum machine, the Tempest?
>                 Rainer