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Re: Octotrack... Still a mystery...

On Mon, Sep 10, 2012 at 6:32 AM, Jack C <the_beat_conductor@hotmail.com> 
> I must say, the "feel" of what your using is important if you ain't
> programming. That's one thing that kinda sucks about using PC's or Mac's.
> Yes, they are powerful and limitless, but nothing compares to the feel of
> hardware.

I totally agree with this! When I moved from a four-track cassette
"portastudio" to a classic setup with eight-track real-to-real tape
machine, mixing console, patchbay and racks of effect devices I
experience a total blockage of creativity. The new thing I had to
learn, that is the same that you have to do if using software today,
was to memorize and get experience of all possibilities so I could
internalize the complete workflow in my mind and sort of "compose"
with sound design and production work all within my imagination.
That's a powerful method to create but the big downside is that the
method never leads outside the limitations of your own "safe-zone".

Comparing hardware and software I'd say that the only way to make
software tools breathe the same work feel as hardware is to set them
up as hardware. Ie limiting the options to whatever may work well with
the connected controller hardware. I currently use a laptop based
performance system and have gravitated to a pedalboard with banks of
ten switches and four expression pedals plus a minimal hand
mixer/button-pad. I gaffa taped the USB hub so I just pop in three USB
cables (or four if a GR-55 is up for the gig) and plug guitars and mic
into the RME sound box. I've streamlined my setup so much that it
works almost exactly the same if hosted in Ableton Live, Mainstage or
in Bidule. My switches and knobs all do the same things to the music
no matter what host applications is running in the laptop. If talking
work-flow that really is a hardware approach. The nice thing with
geting directly into something like the Octatrack is that someone has
already done the planning and patching for you.

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen