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Re: Cloud loops on the GR55

Hey Mark,

I use only the expression pedal and I assign it at several "assigns"
to several complementary parameters, with specific scaling for each
parameter of course. For a delay module I typically target Volume,
Feedback and wet/dry Balance. With the appropriate scaling this givs
you a volume pedal that when backed off (toe-up) fades in a frozen
delay loop of what you were playing as you did the toe-up action. From
this frozen loop state you can start playing something on the guitar
(which won't be heard as the volume pedal is silencing you instument
at toe-up position) and when you slowly lower the pedal the frozen
loop will resolve into what you are playing live that is being faded
in. At the middle position you have a very long delay applied to a
somewhat lower mixed instrument. This routing offers a fat
musical-tricks-bag while still being very simple.

I don't recall exact details, I never do because parameters with
identical functions have different names in different modules. The
delay in the GR55 is not very good though; noise artefacts happen when
parameter are modulated seamlessly. I regard the fidelity under what
is acceptable, but I did try to set up the above thingy just to
explore the units capacity and it works well.

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen

On Wed, Feb 6, 2013 at 7:44 AM, mark francombe <markfrancombe@gmail.com> 
> Hey Per, (decided at last minute to post to LD too, it has the word loop 
> in it)
> i know you Are fan of what i call Cloud loops, I Do/did it on vortex,
> As In delay feedback mapped to pedal, and Negative level In to the
> effect mapped to same pedal.
> (the more feedback the less you let into the overdub)
> last night i was trying to Build this In gr55, with no luck. of course
> i go the pedal controlling feedback working, of course using one of
> the 8 assigns. BUT i couldnt find a level control for input to delay.
> There is a send level as part of the delay effect, but it doesnt show
> up as an assign parameter...
> I know you have a new shiny favorite toy, and the poor gr is probably
> In a cupboard, or sold, but if you ever tried to make this effect on
> it, maybe you have hint as to what you did?
> M
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