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Re: FCB1010 with UNO Chip strange behaviour.

Two things to watch out for with the FCB1010:

1) They ship pre programmed for some Behringer guitar pre amp. This
means that the stomp switches are programmed to send several
simultaneous MIDI events. To make it useful as a playable controller
you need to program the FCB1010 to send only one MIDI event per stomp
switch (or several if you know what you are doing in order to control
several targeted parameters form one switch).

2) The FCB1010 leak random MIDI #CC data that you have not programmed
it to send. I have owned 3 FCBs and they all hat this issue. I found a
solution for this by setting up a MIDI filter between the FCB1010 and
the rack with my gear; I programmed the filter to only let through the
exact MIDI events I was using for my receiving gear. This helped a
little, but it did not help when the FCB happened to leak out a random
event that actually was one that I had programmed some function in my
gear to act upon.

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen

On Sat, Feb 9, 2013 at 12:03 PM, Sergio Girardi <simpliflying@gmail.com> 
> Hello!
> I am programming the FCB1010 with UnO Chip to control the Octatrack.
> I have a MidiPal from Mutable Instruments with which I can see that each
> switch sends other midi info (which I ignore what) other than the note on
> command (which is the only one which I am aware to have activated).
> The Uno Manual and the original one have some lacks in some steps of the
> setup but I have tried many things and I still have for example a strange
> problem with Switch 7, it send a command which soloes the active track of
> the Octatrack, even if it is programmed just to send a command to stop 
> the
> sequencer. No way.
> Tips?
> I tried to understand how to reset the pedal but I could not find a way.
> Thanks!