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Re: FCB1010 with UNO Chip strange behaviour.

Did you run the memory initialization routine?
From the UNO manual:

Switch off the board, and keep the 1 and 9 keys pressed while switching it on again.

Keep the 2 switches pressed until the display turns black. After releasing the 2 switches,

a countdown from 9 to 0 starts. After that, the board is ready to use.


On 02/09/13, Sergio Girardi<simpliflying@gmail.com> wrote:

I am programming the FCB1010 with UnO Chip to control the Octatrack.
I have a MidiPal from Mutable Instruments with which I can see that each switch sends other midi info (which I ignore what) other than the note on command (which is the only one which I am aware to have activated).
The Uno Manual and the original one have some lacks in some steps of the setup but I have tried many things and I still have for example a strange problem with Switch 7, it send a command which soloes the active track of the Octatrack, even if it is programmed just to send a command to stop the sequencer. No way.
I tried to understand how to reset the pedal but I could not find a way.