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Thanks Emmanuel!

Love the video. Noundo looks very cool and I love the name. Usine was
my favorite modular music software until I got lazy and decided to
just stick with Ableton Live. Very impressive.

On Sun, Feb 10, 2013 at 2:31 AM, Emmanuel Reveneau
<emmanuel.reveneau@free.fr> wrote:
> Hello,
> please check this video introducing NOUNDO,
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=37qr0x91xD4, a live looping software 
> we've
> built with Jean-François Domingues in Usine. Basically, NOUNDO is a
> multi-input software organized around a rounting matrix which allows
> circular paths between inputs (4), loopers (4+1 drop looper) and effects 
> (2
> tracks with 4 FX/vst in each). You can loop, apply some FX or 
> texturizing on
> the loop, and reloop the loop, and so on, in any direction.
> I use here an edirol piano, a B4 and an old PSS50 Yamaha for some 
> "analogic"
> sounds.
> Midi controllers : BCR 2000, FCB 1010, Novation launchpad.
> Features of the loopers are :
> - Rec/direct overdub/clear/stop/pause/mute/restart
> - volume
> - sync/unsync. Loopers are always synchronized unless you unsync and then
> give a new tempo to the next loopers (with possible back to previous 
> tempo,
> or unsync again, etc.).
> - multiply
> - random pan
> - reverse/go and back
> - pitch/speed transposing (linear mode or scale mode)
> - Slice (linear mode or scale mode)
> - slicer mode/rythmic texturizer module with programmation and presets.
> But of course, there is no undo :)
> The "drop looper" loops automatically the selected loopers and empty 
> them.
> Four Vsti are available in the matrix.
> Multitracks recording.
> And very useful for composers and one man bands, a "band mode" allows to
> program step by step all the actions of the loopers, matrix config and
> slicers presets : you just need to "rec" at each step of the compo, 
> whatever
> complex they are.
> Well, we are still in beta test for the last version and hope to release 
> it
> soon as a standalone. Usine users can already test (and improve) the 
> patch
> on demand.
> Loopily yours,
> Emmanuel

Art Simon