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>Thanks Emmanuel!

>Love the video. Noundo looks very cool and I love the name. Usine was
>my favorite modular music software until I got lazy and decided to
>just stick with Ableton Live. Very impressive.

thanks Art. I must admit that Usine is quite opaque and thankless, I just 
begin myself to manage it a very little bit, by dint of looking 
Jean-François Domingues patching during hours and hours. He is a natural 
born patcher, I'm just the guy who says "hey, Jeff, it would be cool if 
the looper 1 plays the loop while the looper 2 loops the 1 with a reverse 
and a half pitch and sends the sound to the looper 3 through a delay, and 
only one trig to do that would be great, if you can, of course, I just 
ask, you know what I mean..."
And he can. 
My only talent , but I'm very good at this job, is to find the bugs, 
always a lot in such a circular system.
The next version of Usine, Hoolyhook, for pc and Mac, will allow a modular 
version of Noundo, but not before 2014 :)