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Re: Experimental instruments

great post Rick, I have these tiny magnets that when you attach to the strings create a lovely slightly rattly false fret with some great over tones that sound almost ring modulated. Put more than one on a string , placed at strong harmonic nodes and you have some cool variations, caution, striking the string to hard may launch the magnets.
 I'll add:
1. aluminum foil, cut and fold small squares of this and create little rings that you attach to the strings to create a great rattly buzz sound while still letting the fundamental notes come through, think of a kalimba with those little buzzers on it. 2. thin sheet aluminum cut in long thin strips woven between the strings at the bridge gives a nice faux steel drum effect, ditto with old credit cards cut the same way 3. hand held battery operated rubber bladed fan, Like the one I borrowed from you rick, sure if you hold the fans blades to the strings long enough you will smell burning rubber, but what a cool sound with the added advantage of motor noise that isn't so overpowering it will degauss your pickups like a drill can do. 4. Any little hand held toy with a speaker and dialogue, I prefer the MR T in your pocket, but the remote control from the Beavis and Butthead big book of inactivity is also excellent. Talking dolls or little toy samplers. hey there's an idea, a talking doll, with a built in sampler, imagine creating your own...er dialogue for a doll like that? ok perhaps you better not