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Re: Live Not Seeing Controller via USB

Hate to say this but… if you have not restarted Ableton, give that a try 
and then look at the MIDI prefs again and see if the device is visible.

Every now and then the communication is just lost between my bank of 
simple KORG nano controllers and Ableton for no reason that I can discern… 
and the only thing that re-establishes the communication is restarting 

P :)

On Feb 17, 2013, at 9:14 AM, Jeff Shirkey <jcshirke@frontier.com> wrote:

>> If you named it as an added device, it ought to show up in Live ports 
>> if connected.
> I added "new device" in Audio/MIDI setup, but I don't think I did it 
> correctly--or my MBP isn't seeing my controller--or both. Everything 
> works as it should using the MIDI/USB interface--at least so far--but 
> I'm really baffled why I can't connect directly via USB. I'm going to 
> email the Liquid Foot developer.
> Thanks,
> Jeff