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Re: Live Not Seeing Controller via USB

Are you using OS10.6.8?

Yes...on that computer I am.

For audio/midi: With your LF connected, add new device then double click the new device icon and you can name it and setup the ports/ channels etc. Then in Live under Midi Sync you might have to select the Controller as well as the LF ports.

That's what I did, but something still isn't right. I got lost when setting up the ports/channels. I'm not on that computer at the moment, so I may not be remembering exactly what options I had for ports/ channels, but I think for ports I could only choose "1". For channels, I wasn't sure what to select. The LF will send MIDI out messages on every channel (of course). It receives on 16 (I can change that, too, if I want).

I have a feeling when I click "add new device" I'm adding a ghost, essentially. I don't think my MBP even recognizes the LF--but I could be wrong. I should check About this Mac/More Info and see what it says for that particular USB port.

I'll also restart Live, as Philip suggested. I *think* I restarted Live at least once, but it can't hurt to double/triple check.

Thanks, everyone.