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Still More Live Questions

Sorry for all the bone-head, newbie Live questions, but (I can't help myself), I've got a couple more in me.

Here's what I wish I could do in Live, but I don't think this is possible. Please let me know if I'm wrong *or* if there is a workaround that can accomplish what I want to do, but through some other means.

I've got a MIDI controller that controls my guitar rack. I also am using it to control Live, although I'm still taking baby steps in that regard. I've done some very basic MIDI mapping that allows me to stop/ start scenes from the transport bar using my controller, and I've also just begun to map a couple other functions.

What I wish I could do is to be able to call up and subsequently launch a scene by having it be part of my song preset(s) in my MIDI controller.

Example: Let's say I hit a song preset on my controller. As part of that preset's programming, I would like to send a PC (or CC, I guess) message to Live telling it which scene to play. Ideally, though, when I call up my song preset from my MIDI controller, the scene in Live would arm, but it wouldn't yet launch. I would then dedicate a separate switch on my controller to start/stop each scene. (Actually, I've done that already.)

From what I can tell, what I wish I could do is impossible because, for one thing, Live doesn't receive messages on a unique MIDI channel that I assign to it. (I think it must receive any/all MIDI messages I send, regardless of the channel) Also, and more importantly (I think??), there's no way to give each scene in Live a unique PC #--or is there? So, I can't send a MIDI message to Live the same way I do all my other gear in my rack by adding something like this to the preset: MIDI Command, 14 (Channel), PC# 8 (calls up the 8th scene in my Live Set).

Let's say I have 15 scenes in a Live Set that I want to call up and use in different songs. Song A might use scene 1. Song B might use scene 5--and so on. Maybe Song B will use two scenes--one each in different parts of the song. There is no way to program my MIDI controller so that scene a is armed when I hit song A's preset, correct? And there's no way to trigger Song B's different scenes on a per-preset basis --or as I need them-- in the song by doing that programming in advance in my MIDI controller--or is there?

If there *is* a way to do what I want, please point me in the right direction.

If I can't do it the way I'd ideally like to, I can at least assign scroll up/down functions to two IA switches on my controller, so that I can quickly move through my list of scenes and launch the correct one when I need them in any given song, right? But, if that's the case, I need to be able to see my laptop screen to make sure I am choosing the right scene. And..well...my vision ain't what it used to be. :)

You guys have been great, so any more help would be sincerely appreciated. I've been pouring over the manual, but I'm still (obviously) new at this and a little confus-ed.