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Re: Any decent Midi/USB keyboards these days? (37keys/aftertouch; Sculpture)

> Back in the days when they still made proper keyboards, the Korg 
> Prophecy was a nice option
Yeah, Rainer, I remember the Prophecy well :-)
I have the Trinity Plus which actually has the Prophecy board built-in. So 
don't have a particular need for the sound. So, just to get a decent 
keyboard, it's bit overpriced, since it's a almost a sought after rarity 
these days.

I guess it's a decent keyboard for a decent price. Still, 49 keys...

So, I'm kind of leaning toward the Korg Microkeys or Alesis Vortex keytar.

Actually, the Arturia Analog Experience the Factory with 2,5 octaves might 
also be very interesting:

best regards