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Re: Any decent Midi/USB keyboards these days? (37keys/aftertouch; Sculpture)

Thanks for the feedback on the Novation. I remember it was rather decent 
(Fatar keyboard I remember?) with a good keybed. Still, what you state is 
really sub-par and aftertouch is important.

Ok I'm glad we seem to agree that pretty much all the midi/usb keyboard 
controllers out there are basically crap compared to the solid keyboards 
found in professional synthesizers in the +2000$/EUR range...

I'm leaning - as a compromise - towards the ARTURIO EXPERIENCE THE FACTORY 
+ full size keys with 2,5 octaves (starting note F)
+ Aftertouch! , pitchbend, mod wheel
+ connectors for sustain pedal, expression pedal, midi out
+ couple faders, buttons knobs
- I'd love to use the software, but hate the activation policy. I hope it 
runs usb/midi only without any driver/installation.

best regards