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Latency in looping path

Hi Per,

Thought Id get back to you to thank you and your frieds on the site for 
your help.

I have sussed the looping OK !

However I now have another problem: progressive latency as I am now 
running my main mix
into Ableton LIVE before it reaches the the audience! I suspect I will 
have to get a decent
audio interface rather than using the MacPros I/O Have tried going in 
digitally from the KORG KRONOS via
optical into the Mac- makes no difference. I suspect that coming out 
analog is the main culprit.

Anyway I was just wondering how any of you guys avoid this latency when 
running through ABLETON LIVE and
if a Firewire 800 unit like the MOTU 828 Mk" or the RME 800 would be the 
obvious solution to this problem?

Audio path: I run all my synths/external drums from a bus on the analog 
mixer into a track on Ableton either using its LOOPER plugin
or its straight forward auto input record function making sure of course 
that the track is muted once the loop plays back in either instance.
My mixer has a ":' alternate bus rooting fortunately that allows me to 
reroot the returned signal from Ableton avoiding feedback: I actually send 
the signal via the main bus out on the mixer and reroot the return out of 
the alt3/4 bus which feeds the P.A.

BTW please forgive my rude interuption but I dont quite understand the 
format of your forum yet!.. as I understand it its all via email no?

Thanks! Henry

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>On Mon, Feb 18, 2013 at 11:32 PM, Jeff Shirkey <jcshirke@frontier.com> 
>> Let's say I have 15 scenes in a Live Set that I want to call up and use 
>> in
>> different songs. Song A might use scene 1. Song B might use scene 
>> 5--and so
>> on.  Maybe Song B will use two scenes--one each in different parts of 
>> the
>> song. There is no way to program my MIDI controller so that scene a is 
>> armed
>> when I hit song A's preset, correct? And there's no way to trigger Song 
>> B's
>> different scenes on a per-preset basis --or as I need them-- in the 
>> song by
>> doing that programming in advance in my MIDI controller--or is there?
>MIDI PC is not good with Live, you should use simple MIDI notes
>instead for launching scenes. To launch a scene in Live you learn the
>MIDI Note (a CC might work too) to the corresponding slot on the
>master output's column in the Session View. You can even use a MIDI
>Note that are part of what your controller is sending to your guitar
>rack when calling up a song, letting that event trigger both the
>guitar rack stuff and launching the scene in Live. And note that there
>are two options for controlling scens in Live; you may launch a scene
>directly or you may select the scene (to be launched by the next
>command). Oh, there is actually a third way (that I used myself with
>Live for a concert once) and that is to learn the MIDI note event to
>an empty scene preceding the actual scen that will start the song.
>This approach also needs that you assign Live's "trigger next" button
>to a pedal. At the gig I had this assigned both to a foot switch and a
>hand mixer knob.
>Greetings from Sweden
>Per Boysen