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Re: Any decent Midi/USB keyboards these days? (37keys/aftertouch; Sculpture)

Hi Michal/Rainer

> Take a look at Roland/Edirol A-300PRO.
I've tested it today and compared it to the Arturio 32key "The Factory" 
Experience. Compared 1:1, the Roland has positively stiffer keys. I have 
to play around bit more, but it seems too stiff for any good aftertouch. 
The Arturio looks great, but the keys feel kind of mushy and not soo 
great. Still, it must be great for aftertouch and expressive playing.
So, with 32 keys, I'm tending towards the Arturio - but I will them a 
thorough test.

Rainer: Yeah, I've seen Doepfer rather in the 88key department (vs 37).

best regards