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Re: Echoplex sudden total noise!

Gio Gio wrote:
re-seating the RAM didn't help.. but again, I can't replicate the problem when the clock is not running.

My unit is set as follows
Switch Quant: LOOP Quantize: OFF

not sure what else might be relevant..

ANd all I am doing right now is:

1 - HARD RESET 2 - record loop 1 3 - next loop + overdub > loop 2
4 - over dub something on loop 2

and back to 1..

So the midi sync must be influencing the timing.

You could try with SwitchQuant:Off

You could also try taking the tempo of the clock down just
a fraction after setting the loop lengths.
(if host supports that).

If you're using Ableton Live, you could try a host with better clocking.

...but those are just things that *I* would try, don't know if they'll make a difference.

You're not sending the EDP commands from the laptop are you?

Zombie loops makes sense, although I thought that a hard reset would fill
the memory with noise.