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Re: OT:Clicky switches and maybe microphonic guitar...

Yup, I agree, nonfuntional grounding/shielding can do the most amazing 
Apart from makig sure the bridge grounding wire is actually connected to the bridge, check all solder points.

And while at it, if your electronics cavity isn't alrady shielded, do it.
Use self-adhesive copper tape, which can be bought in any guitar shop or from StewMac et al.., or conductive paint, which can be bought fairly inexpensive from ebay - don't buy it in a hobby or electronics store as the small bottles they sell won't last enough for a guitar and are way too expensive. Make sure a ground wire is connected to the copper/paint and that the cover lid is shielded too, and has contact to the copper/paint in the cavity ;)


Per Boysen wrote:
Make sure the earthing cable is in contact with the bridge or other
metal hardware that are connected with the strings and see if not the
problem doesn't go away. I am quite clumsy with tools and soldering
(or rather too bored and eager about getting back into "playing mode")
so I have had a lot of these issues. One Ukelele I bought new buzzed
like hell and when needing it for a recording I tried to fix a
"earthing" by fastening one end of a shielded cable in the guitar
cable's earth node and gaffer tape the other end to my right hand, and
this caused the buzz to go away. The Uke has nylon strings and wooded
bridge so the lacking earth must be a design flaw. On electric guitars
it is so much easier to fix. On Strats I secure the earth cable with
one of the rear side springs where it fits into the whammy block, this
makes all strings and bridge "active". Make sure the metal hardware
that you are constantly touching are connected to the earth!

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen

On Wed, Feb 27, 2013 at 3:50 PM, mark francombe <mark@markfrancombe.com> 

Upon arrival in Italy for my recent gig, I noticed at the soundcheck that
the guitars onboard switches are clicking in the audio... something else 
changed too, cant quite say if the guitar had become a bit microphonic, but
there seems to be something, just not quite right.

Now it could be that something happened on the journey, but more likely its
my installation of a Deusenberger Multibender. When I took off the old
bridge, the cable for earthing the stuff to the fingers was just a loose
thing hanging out and touching vaguely the old bridge, I installed the new
bridge and did the same thing, but.. is that normal? And could dodgy
shielding cause a switch to "click" in the audio path?


Mark Francombe
twitter @markfrancombe

van Sinn